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What's Next?

A live view.

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a live view.

What's Next?


 MoneyBoy Staking V1

Stake your MoneyBoy and start earning $MBC.

$MBC Tokenomics

Paper with details on staking, airdrops and more is live. 

 Solana Diamond Boys

A free, fun and exclusive collection of hand-drawn Diamonds. 

$MBC Store V1

Buy items on the $MBC Store with $MBC. 

In Progress 


Solana Money Girls

Welcome the moneygirls to the community.

MoneyPlex Transactions

Easily send and receive $MBC and other SPL tokes to any wallet using MoneyPlex.

MoneyPlex Analytics

Historical data for the value of your NFTs and coins. Free for moneyboys. 

Staking V2

Staking metrics, calculated rewards,  bug fixes and improvements.

MoneyBoy Merch

High quality and good vibes. 

MoneyBoy Validator

Setting up a MoneyBoy Solana Validator and Staking Pool with the Help of DAO Pool and Monke DAO.

$MBC Store V2

Buy items and list items on the $MBC Store. Support for physical and digital goods. 

Investment Branch

Treasury-backed investment branch for placing calculated bets on promising ecosystem & NFT projects.

Community Content Team

Expanding our community content team to produce monthly newletters, spotlights, threads and more.

MoneyBoy Rooms

VR rooms for MoneyBoys. Integrated with $MBC.


Job postings for developers, designers, community leaders and more.

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